Friday, 10 October 2008

Tartan Army faces drink crackdown

Scotland's police forces said they are mounting a "major operation" to stop fans getting drunk on the way to this weekend's World Cup qualifier.

What a complete waste of Police time and effort.

I wonder who dreamt this up? Oh it was the Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland (Acpos).

Ch Supt Robin Howe of Strathclyde Police, said: "Members of the Tartan Army have a tremendous reputation around the world for their friendliness and high spirits.

So why are you putting this operation into practise then you patronising twat?

You're going to annoy a lot of people and alienate support for the police force yet again.

The vast majority of people aren't going to get hammered and act like pricks so why don't you focus your attention on those that do and leave the masses to enjoy themselves.

Over reaction, nanny state - poor judgement and poor policing policy.

People can have a drink and not get drunk - educate yourself and your force.

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