Friday, 17 October 2008

Stephen Carter to prepare UK digital action plan

The new minister for communications, technology and broadcasting, Stephen Carter, is to create a wide-ranging "action plan" for the digital media economy that could include legislation to regulate the internet.

Here we go again. Right, get yourself a good team, don't let the luddites at Westminster get involved. They are, with the rare exception, fucking idiots who know jack when it comes to technology and its consumption by the majority.

Also on the agenda are: broadband development, digital radio, investment in content, spectrum, the internet, media literacy and IT skills, public service broadcasting and independent production.

I notice there was no mention of mobile in there, funny that isn't it. No you're right it's not.

If you see Andy Burnham lurking around - keep him away by hitting him with a paperweight or a small truck - this is the sort of person that jumps about, waves his hands around and then you work out he knows fuck all regarding the subject matter he's meant to be talking about. And I mean nothing, the man's a sieve.

I'm sick of 2nd rate politicians holding this country back while they go on their own personal crusade. We can ill afford to lose anymore ground. Allow the UK to flourish as we have the skills to lead the way in certain fields. Technology is something we're pretty fucking good at. Censorship, we're not so good at so let's not waste time and money.

Stephen, you're going to get hung out to dry by a bunch of self serving wankers. I'll lay money on it.

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