Wednesday, 29 July 2009

MoD What are you playing at?

The MoD, in its infinite wisdom is presently going through to courts trying to claw back the compensation it was ordered to pay, claiming that they should only be responsible for the first injury and not any further complications that these injured men and women may face even if they are related to the original injury.
Defence Minister Kevan Jones said the action was about trying to introduce "fairness" to the scheme.
Kevan, have you yourself been injured in the head and now can't see things straight or indeed fully understand what is going on around you. If that's the reason for this court action, then I would understand. However I suspect you're not injured, nor indeed retarded, although the the jury is out on that one, and it seems your lack of understanding comes not from a lack of knowledge, but a deep misguided understanding of what drives the UK general public.
This isn't a political blog, I treat you all with the same level of distrust, so don't take it personally when I say you are a fucking idiot if you thought that this was a good idea or indeed good timing for your own party and your own skin.
The UK has gone to battle since roughly Labour has been in power. In that time families in the UK have had to come to terms with the loss of loved ones, injuries to loved ones and don't forget the mental struggle a lot of people will go through over the years. The British public stand united on the streets of Wootton Bassett, they stand united on the streets of London, of Glasgow and anywhere else where our freedom is threatened.
The very least you could do is give these men the dignity that they deserve and stop this action going through the courts.Can I ask how much the court proceedings have cost? More than the compensation, yes I'll take that bet.
Your an idiot, if you don't back the forces people won't join and nor will you get the political support that you so desperately crave - it's as simple as that.
You're a disgrace, the MoD is a disgrace and yet, I expected little else.