Wednesday, 28 May 2008

EURO 2008 - yes Scotland should be there you're right.

Now, I thought he was doing a splendid job, I've no idea why you sacked him.

Him being Steve McClaren you understand.

So with that in mind, why have the BBC got him going over to Austria and Switzerland as a pundit?

Who the hell came up with that idea? It is, and this is as a Scotsman you understand, unbelievable. Out of all the people you could have asked who could have added great insight, some idiot at the BBC with nil (read zero) understanding or knowledge of football picks the weather man Steve.

Probably the same arse that asked Gary to do the golf.

Can you please own up, don't blame a committee or do any finger pointing and promise to do your job better.

Or you could do what most of your fans want Steve to do.....don't make me spell it out.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Congratulations to Zoe Hough & Miranda Abbs plus Enrique Reija & Borja Alvarez

Congratulations to Zoe Hough & Miranda Abbs plus Enrique Reija & Borja Alvarez.
Two teams of young creatives representing the UK have swept the board at the Best Young European Team (Best YET) contest in Stockholm.

Zoe Hough and Miranda Abbs from agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine, beat 19 other creative groups from across Europe to win the gold award.The other UK team, Enrique Reija and Borja Alvarez of St Lukes, came in second.
Great to see young talent in the UK being recognised. Would love to see more of it on other platforms.
I know that Iain Tait has talked about this previously on his blog and whilst this is a personal blog I would like to talk to junior teams and individuals about work - but you'll need to go via my linkedin contact details

Friday, 9 May 2008


Xobni - genius software for Outlook.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bob Greenberg at the D&AD

So Bob, or Uncle Bob as Simon Waterfall lovingly called him, talked to the D&AD at Logan Hall last night.

He was a joy to listen to and it was thoroughly engaging to see the history of R/GA unfold. His influences, there are many and varied. His understanding, where and why he moved on at certain times, based on numerology (he works on 9 year cycles if you must know), and his passion to continue to create ground breaking work.

What I admired most about him was his appreciation for others and his admiration for their work and their professions.

A true gentleman and Simon you were right - he is Uncle Bob.