Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Orange, just how shit can you actually get?

How absolutely shit can the above company get?

Run by a bunch of fucking idiots who seem to be clueless as to what's going on around them. Orange, you are wasting resources, time, effort and customers with practises that are more in line with Dickens than the 21st century.

I've been with Orange for 9 years and never had a bad word to say against them, until now. Not only will they not let me change my phone (even though my personal situation has changed massively and I wanted to give them more money, lots more money) but they've now stiffed me for massive roaming costs, even though I couldn't use my phone properly abroad.

On top of that, I reach the customer service department (how about looking up the phrase Customer Service and finding out exactly what it means you donuts!) who have been utterly useless - where did you get these people from?, the fallout of the banking industry? - In fact, they've been worse than useless because they have proven to me that Orange don't give a shit about loyal customers.

So here it is Orange, you have lost me and countless others with your behaviour. I'm leaving and when I exit your shit arse customer services team are going to get the works from me. I wouldn't feel a twinge of guilt if you go under before the end of the year.

Well done France Telecom for ruining a perfectly good company, a sterling job done all round.

Here's to your demise.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Politicians, greedy bastards or just misunderstood?

It's a simple question with a simple answer. Greedy bastards.

Just because you can do it Geoff (and the rest of you are no better) doesn't mean that you should. I can't actually believe that you thought this was correct. You're more of an idiot than your picture portrays, well done for that at least.

Every 10 plus years this country plunges through the floor, you take none of the responsibility and we move on. Governments change and the whole 600 + of you in Parliament get even more money out of the taxpayer.

You have no shame, you're disgraceful and above all you don't seem to see how you're not a fault.

Yes the system of MP's expenses needs immediate change, and there are a number of routes to make this easy for both the public and MP's to understand.

What also needs to change is the attitude of MP's - it cannot and will not continue in the vein that it is now.

Using tax payers money to pay for your 3rd house. Your 3rd house for fuck's sake!

I need not say anymore. For now.