Thursday, 27 March 2008

Page turning technology

I'm not going to put a link into this blog/rant because I wouldn't want anyone to go to a site that uses this.

Why ever not Harry?

Because it's fucking lazy, cheap, nasty and here's the best bit, it's not a magazine therefore you DO NOT HAVE TO TURN THE FUCKING PAGES ONLINE LIKE SOME DEMENTED FUCKING IDIOT!

Honestly, it's like we haven't moved forward in 15 years.

Here, I've a great idea - instead of having a mouse or voice activated software (don't get me started there) I've re invented the quill and ink - well it's a metal/plastic quill but you still have to dip it into virtual ink allowing you to write. It's a bit clunky and it doesn't work very well but let's put it out there along with much much better technology and smile.

What? What? Why are you looking at me like that, it's not like I pushed someone off a cliff!

I then see that NMA has iGizmo as site of the week - admittedly they do slate the page turning technology.......which then begs the question..Why the hell did you make it site of the week!

Exactly how shit where the other sites that they reviewed?

Glitches at Terminal 5

I seriously cannot wait for the 2012 Olympics, it'll be a blast.

No sorry, that should read I seriously cannot wait to rent my house out and get out of London for the 2012 Olympics.

But well done to all of those down at Terminal 5 who couldn't even organise a few test runs prior to opening to ensure that the paying customer didn't get shafted by your ineptitude.

Especially the management, you must be very proud of your work.

London 2012 please take a very close look at what poor planning results in. I'm not saying that 2012 will be a royal fuck up, nor do I want to say I told you so.

Plan, test, dummy run, account for all possibilities and plan some more.

Don't let it run, see what happens and then fix it later at the expense of everyone else other than yourselves.

Grande Punto...again

Ok, back to the Grande Punto, remember not available in green!
Right, we came up with a much better option for the Grande Punto buying public.
Instead of saying "not available in Green" at the bottom of the advert, how about this.
"Green only available in Sports Version Grande Punto GT 2.5 v6. Limited Edition"
Surely that's builds much more interest and more likely to sell the cars.......?

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Mfuse and Sporting Bet

Mfuse gets backing from Mark Blanford, Sportingbet founder.

Yet another signal that mobile is finally coming of age and will surely start to reap the rewards that have been expected of it since.....ohh, errr, since I can remember actually.

Congratulations to all down at Mfuse

Now, any chance of a decent tip for the Grand National ?

Monday, 17 March 2008

Grande Punto....but not in green

This might be a tiny thing in the grand scheme of things (no pun intened) but can someone please tell me why on this advert a notice comes up saying "this car is not available in green"

What the bloody hell is that all about?!

Here is the car, but err you can't have it in the colour we are advertising in. And no we're not even sorry about it.

Seriously, I really don't get it.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Yahoo! to move to Switzerland

Citing corporate tax reasons Yahoo are to move out of London and over to Geneva.

Maybe they could do a big " We've just come to Switzerland" launch campaign with Lewis Hamilton - picture this - a slow lingering shot of Lewis and Toby Coppel rubbing money over themselves. Swiss francs mind, none of your rubbishy British money required.

I'll get working on the banners now shall I?

McGlashan hits back

I hear that the 2012 British Olymic Football team will be entirely made up of English players!

Well well well, there's nothing like pissing off the general public is there. No wonder Alex Salmond is getting so much support in Scotland with fucking ridiculous descisions like that.

If you have a holiday house in Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland one might suggest that you increase your fire insurance. Not that I could condone that sort of behaviour, I'd rather watch McGlashan take the piss out of you.

On that note I did read somewhere about the Cornish National Liberation Army being described as the "Ooooh arrr aaay"

Enjoy the clip, it's brilliant.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Struggle in the middle east

I heard about this on BBC Worldservice very late one night. It's two bloggers, one from each side of the fence in the middle east, friends before and hopefully they'll meet up again in the future.

It makes compelling reading.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

William Eccleshare - probably the brainiest man in adland

We are in the middle of doing a little test to see how quickly we can get this to the number 1 listing in Google.

The list is a little out of date in terms of where people are working but the content is pretty spot on.

Check it out.