Friday, 26 September 2008

Platini..........ferme la bouche!

Hi, this is Michel Platini - he was a great footballer, in that there is no denial. However since sucking corporate cock for the likes of Sepp Blatter and Jack A Walker (who is a crook, he's crooked, he's a wrong 'un, he's a dodgy underhanded scumbag who deserves a lot more than he'll ever get) I digress and apologise. So back to the point, Platini has turned into a monsterous arsehole. Which is a great shame.

His hatred of the UK seeps out of his pores and into his interviews and statements.

I've know idea why, it's not like England will win the World Cup anytime soon - possibly just before the mighty Scotland, but that my friends is still up for debate.

So Monsieur Platini - pray tell why do you hate your Anglo cousins so?

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