Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Tesco self service

It's all in the title "Self service".

And what do I get for my troubles........exactly. Nothing, apart from aggro when (and it does it pretty much every time) the machine gets stuck and then you wait..........until a cheery ever so helpful Tesco employee comes along to punch in a few keys (exactly what I feel like doing by this point) and we're on our way again.

Oh hold on, you have booze there.....ah well now you'll need to wait again until we check that your not under 18 and adding to the drunken masses that now (and always have done) swarm the country.

So here's the thing, and forgive me if this is a rant but it really fucks me off. And before anyone comments about going to another store - I don't have an option as there isn't another supermarket near me ok, so let me finish.

There is no incentive for me to use Self Service - no club points, not discounts, nothing - just a shitty machine (is it Amstrad I wonder?) that breaks down as soon as you go near it. It doesn't help with what is an already crap experience.

So Tesco, do me a favour or two.

Firstly, improve the self serve checkout - the technology blows like your Value sausages (No I haven't, I just read the content label)

Secondly, give me an incentive to use - let's face facts, I'm saving you a fair whack on staffing etc (you can't be paying a lot for those machines, if you are then you've been done) and since I'm doing the work, I want paid.

You're not a charity and neither am I.

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