Thursday, 21 August 2008

Jacques Rogge v's Usain Bolt

Jacques Rogge has told Usain Bolt to show more respect for opponents after the Jamaican claimed the first sprint double for 24 years.

First of all you're Belgian - let's deal with that. Belgium and indeed the Belgians are not renowned for showing their emotions - some would say that the majority are very boring - not me though, oh no.

Secondly Jacques, what you perceive to be a champion and how the individual perceives himself are not necessarily going to be in line are they? I'm not sure you're in a position to tell Usain how to act in any case. You competed in 3 Olympics yet I couldn't see your medal tally........oh I see it now, it's a big fat zero.

Thirdly, you were partly responsible for taking the games to China. China Jacques, I mean what the fuck were you thinking? How much silver did you get for that by the way? - 30 pieces would sound about right.

Your words are of little relevance and your judgement seems at best, flawed. Stick to the surgery, it's probably best for everyone, at least there you can repair damage.

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