Thursday, 31 July 2008

The BPI are wasting everyone's time.


Let's get a bit of perspective here.

The BPI are wasting everyone's time and Geoff Taylor and his crew can quite frankly just piss off and stop bleating their arses off in the press.

Even now, years after the rise of digitally led services, the BPI are still so far behind the curve it is quite unbelievable. I remember going to a talk they did about 3 years ago and the chap from the BPI (sorry can't remember his name as he was so shit) came out with the classic line of "there is no difference between walking into HMV and stealing a CD and going online and downloading an illegal track"


What a prick.

The BPI (great site by the way, did you make it yourself Geoff?) are running around trying to grab on to any bit of land they can find. You're making yourselves look ridiculous and if anyone thought highly of you before, they certainly don't now.

So please, you can't turn back the clock on technology. ISP's are not the police and the police themselves have better things to be doing than running around hunting down 16 year old music lovers just cause they downloaded a track from somewhere you don't think is appropriate.

If the content was so fucking good, people wouldn't give it away free in the first place. If you want people to blame for the shit you're in - look no further than the music industry's very own front door.

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Chris Reed said...

Like your style sir. Totally agree with you. Indeed have blogged similar things - just less stridently I guess.