Monday, 4 February 2008

can we get rid of the word 'digital'

Since everything in the world we live in has gone digital, can we start to take it out of everday working vocabulary and start to consider it as normal not to prefix work such as 'digital campaign' and 'digital offering'

It's all encompassing so therefore not really required. 5 years ago when we were picking oursleves up again and trying to regain our confidence, yes digital was still being forged out as a channel.

These jonny come lately's who bang on about digital like they started the revolution. Same people who'll next be telling me that the 'mobile revolution is upon us and we need to think further than the handset and 160 text messaging'

I bloody well know that already, but thanks for patronising me - why don't you just go the whole way and come and give me a wee pat me on the head Benny Hill style?!

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