Tuesday, 12 February 2008

100 channels on my phone

Well it's taken a while, but eventually Orange are maybe finally getting their head round this.

Previously I signed up for SkySports TV via my N95 whilst I was sitting on a train heading to Edinburgh. £5 per month, cancel any time you want - not a problem you think. Then you get to the quality. It's shit. Now I was on a train admittedly so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it again when in a fixed position and with full connection - still shit. The sound is brilliant, but the picture morphs between static players and that really trippy bit from the end of 2001. Not exactly premiership quality.

I can't work out whether it's the machine or the signal but neither can keep up with the pace - and as the old jokes goes - "she's got a great face for radio" - let's hope the digital radio stations are better quality (hoping the GCap haven't ditched all of them by then)

Must remember to cancel that Sky subscription.

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