Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Rod Blagojevich

Ok, so you have 'Blag' in your surname and you look like this.

Has no-one suspected that he might be a bit of a crook? He is in politics after all, which is usually a giveaway no matter what country you're from.

Here in the UK, we work on the same principal regarding politicians - they're all a bit dodgy, the more you hear from them, the more they're lining their pockets. They occasionally get caught, though not often enough sadly, via the fantastic investigative journalists dotted throughout industry stalwarts such as The Sun, The Star and err..... The Oban Times.

Who can forget the legend that is Jonathan Aitken - what a fucking arsehole he was - anyone
know what he's doing now?

Anyway, back to Rod Blagojevich - is this the start of the Republican backlash or is he a proper politician - a 'wrong un' who just can't deal with the power thing so early on?

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