Thursday, 18 December 2008

Paypal, what a shite company they really are

Paypal, what a load of utter shit. I'd rather cut off a limb than deal with these wankers again.
"Hi I'd like to transfer some cash into my paypal account"
"Certainly sir, we can do that. Oh here's the thing though. I know we are an online company and we are meant to be using state of the art systems, but the money won't be cleared to use for 7-9 days.
7-9 days, are you having a fucking laugh? That's a holiday pal. It is not the length of time I expect to wait to have funds cleared in this day and age.
Hello! hello! hello! this isn't the Flintstones, it's the 21st Century. Get with the programme, sort out your payment mechanisms - fucking speed it up. Chop chop!

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