Thursday, 27 March 2008

Page turning technology

I'm not going to put a link into this blog/rant because I wouldn't want anyone to go to a site that uses this.

Why ever not Harry?

Because it's fucking lazy, cheap, nasty and here's the best bit, it's not a magazine therefore you DO NOT HAVE TO TURN THE FUCKING PAGES ONLINE LIKE SOME DEMENTED FUCKING IDIOT!

Honestly, it's like we haven't moved forward in 15 years.

Here, I've a great idea - instead of having a mouse or voice activated software (don't get me started there) I've re invented the quill and ink - well it's a metal/plastic quill but you still have to dip it into virtual ink allowing you to write. It's a bit clunky and it doesn't work very well but let's put it out there along with much much better technology and smile.

What? What? Why are you looking at me like that, it's not like I pushed someone off a cliff!

I then see that NMA has iGizmo as site of the week - admittedly they do slate the page turning technology.......which then begs the question..Why the hell did you make it site of the week!

Exactly how shit where the other sites that they reviewed?

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