Thursday, 27 March 2008

Glitches at Terminal 5

I seriously cannot wait for the 2012 Olympics, it'll be a blast.

No sorry, that should read I seriously cannot wait to rent my house out and get out of London for the 2012 Olympics.

But well done to all of those down at Terminal 5 who couldn't even organise a few test runs prior to opening to ensure that the paying customer didn't get shafted by your ineptitude.

Especially the management, you must be very proud of your work.

London 2012 please take a very close look at what poor planning results in. I'm not saying that 2012 will be a royal fuck up, nor do I want to say I told you so.

Plan, test, dummy run, account for all possibilities and plan some more.

Don't let it run, see what happens and then fix it later at the expense of everyone else other than yourselves.

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