Friday, 29 May 2009

Doritos and Dodgeball

If you haven't got round to playing this yet, you're missing out.
Devised by those clever folk back at AMV, and produced by the ever talented Unit9 you are, by
the power of 21st century technology, able to go online and shoot people like Timmy Mallett
(sadly only with harmless balls) - for those outside the UK, he's an annoying twat who happens
to get on the TV, a lot.
It's a great execution of work allowing pretty much realtime shooting from your mouse,
which must have been a logistical nightmare, but it's worked extremely well and certainly
captures the silliness that is Dodgeball.
A quick apology for anyone who plays Dodgeball at a serious level, I'm not taking the piss.
By all accounts Jody Marsh (another talentless halfwit who happens to crave attention)
was pretty good even though she has a phobia of balls - oh it's too easy so I won't.
So, click the link, log in and get firing at the hapless fools. Take note, there is a team
from AMV heading down on Sunday - so get your eye and trigger finger in before then.

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