Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Online Retailers & Unfinished business costs

Online retailing and Unfinished business costs.

Andrew Walmsley - co-founder of i-level (knows his work and is a charming individual to boot) wrote a piece for Marketing this week regarding online retailers and the need for them to measure the amount of customers who check out before reaching the checkout.

Which, I may add, I agree with wholeheartedly, and have raised the same points over the years, mainly to deaf ears.

However he does raise one point which I don't agree with. "Customers don't write letters about this; they don't complain to the press. They just disappear."

Now this just isn't true. They blog and in most cases they do send emails of complaint, although these are normally directed at the company and not the press.

In most cases the problem lies with usability of the site. E-commerce sites will improve but I believe that marketers should sit down with both UE specialists and IA's and work out natural stopping points within sites and work together to ensure that when customers do leave the site, then they can work out why and if required tweak, fix and enhance.

If it's easier to go the the shops, then people will.

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