Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Trump, Aberdeen and very bad hair

So, Donald. Have you been to Aberdeen before? Of course you have. So you'll know that it's gie windy up there on the sand dunes.

Which begs the question. Is there no-one in your inner circle of friends with enough balls to tell you your hair is fucking ridiculous?

Get it cut. You look like a twat.

Oh hold on, it might not be the hair.

They may take you seriously in the US, but over here, trust me, they will rip you to fucking shreds - I'm already importing Trump wigs from China which I believe maybe the saving grace to the banking system in Scotland. Possibly the whole nation's debt.

You can ride into the capital with me as the great saviour - but not with that *Barnet.

No way.

*Barnet Fair - hair

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